We serve clients in many industries.

Autonomous Pricing

Autonomous pricing

We have years of experience in identifying underlying drivers of supply and demand to create pricing strategies. We work with you to understand your pricing processes, identify available data, and build additional data capturing tools. We then create the simulator that ingest all the data, craft the appropriate algorithm, and provide a price demand forecast and a price recommendation. The simulator will compare forecasts to actuals, and use AI to constantly refine the impact of certain variables to reduce deviation and increase forecast accuracy.

Mobile Asset Optimization

Mobile asset optimization

Most businesses have mobile assets which include trucks, cars, airplanes, locomotives, etc. Automating and optimizing routes, personnel and asset schedules, and maintenance schedules reduces the labor hours needed to manually manage these functions and help ensure that business objectives are constantly maximized. We have the knowledge and industry experience to build AI which automates these manual processes.

Asset Management

Asset management

Buying and decommissioning assets can be a significant planning exercise for any large operation and is critical in ensuring uninterrupted service to customers. We utilize to organize all of the data for your assets, understand decommissioning timelines, and create a decommissioning plan. then allows clients to create multiple scenarios and get a thorough understanding of the impact of their recommended changes.

Automating Operational Decisions

Automating operations

Many times operational decisions are repetitive. We build the simulator that integrates the IoT and ingests billions of data points to understand the current state of the business and creates a forecast of the future state. We then apply AI to optimize and automate the entire system's decisions for every part of the process including inventory management, processing capacity, quality control, and scheduling.

Customer Behavior Simulation

Customer behavior simulation

We create the simulator that can identify and segment groups of customers to understand what offerings and incentives drive customer behavior and measure the impact. Additionally, we build disruption modeling capabilities which allows you to simulate and forecast the impact of potential offerings on the population. This provides a much quicker understanding of new ideas and avoids the potential negative impact of real world testing.

Predictive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance is a fundamental of any large fleets of fixed and mobile assets. We leverage IoT platforms (e.g., Azure, AWS, GCP) to monitor machinery performance in real time and use the data to estimate time to failure, identify failure indicators, and automatically notify maintenance crews of potential concerns.

Injury Prediction

Injury prediction

Changes in safety performance can be attributed to a number of factors. We have experience building software that can gather and normalize safety data to understand if a change in performance has occurred and notify the relevant stakeholders. Armed with this insight, decision makers can make the precise changes necessary to provide a safe working environment that people deserve.

Demand Forecasting

Demand forecasting

A demand forecasting engine is a cornerstone of any advanced pricing and marketing engine. A demand forecasting simulator allows leaders to change the input variables, and observe the impact across their products and services line. Your team can project scenarios informed by the latest movements in the market and create an outlook that can inform not only your sales team, but also your risk and operations teams so they can plan with more foresight.

Supply Chain Anomaly Detection

Supply chain anomaly detection

Supply chains are a source of millions of data points. The negative impact of changes to complex supply chains are well known by business and operations leaders. We use real time supply chain data and forecast the impact of any changes to downstream processes. This insight allows our clients the visibility to manage through these inevitable changes and minimize business disruption.

Data Accuracy

Data accuracy

AI is only as good as the data it ingests. We monitor real time the integrity of your data so that outliers can be automatically identified and immediately rectified. However, there are times when outliers provide an indication that the fundamental assumptions of a business are changing. The simulators we build provide business leaders the insight to understand these changes and make the necessary decisions to stay ahead of the competition.